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The Random Comic Strip

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Life, As We Know It, Goes On

We arrived in Las Vegas (without incident) and got checked in to the NYNY Hotel/Casino just in time for me to see the last hole played at this year's Masters Tournament. I missed the other 17 played by the leaders, who started the day tied. In simple terms, I missed whatever drama might have played out on the final day.

Instead, I spent that time wending my way along the highways of Arizona. Am I bitter? Possibly. On the other hand, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Bubba Watson would win. I felt so anyway. I would have liked to see Jordan Spieth win the vaunted Green Jacket (which, to me, just looks tacky) but it wasn't to be. Instead, Bubba took a three shot lead to the 18th tee... assured of victory.

Now, Faye wants to go to dinner... somewhere. Possibly a little Mexican restaurant we have visited every time we come here.

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