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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time For Another Conspiracy Theory

Yes, even though I usually trash conspiracy theories, I have developed one for that missing airliner. Let's forget that we got a real wake-up call to rouse us out of our complacency about how easily we can track planes. Let's forget that if we had upgraded our systems to not be able to have the transponders shut down;or installed a separate system to generate GPS locations and transmit them through satellite. I am sure it's more easily said than done but I suspect someone out there is working out the conflicts and determining the risk factor as I write.

OK, here's the plot:

The pilot (and, perhaps, the co-pilot) are compromised by some terror group and given a mission to steal an airliner; take it to Perth, Australia and slam it into a building. It's not really plausible because fanatics willing to go on suicide missions exhibit a lot of symptoms ahead of the mission start. But let's say it happened. Perhaps the passengers rebelled and forced a crash at sea.

Alternative theory:

The plan to hijack the plane and land it in some unknown country went off as planned. After watching the wall-to-wall coverage on TV, took the "black boxes", flew them down into the Indian Ocean and dropped them. And these guys are sitting around laughing at the news reports.

Don't knock them, they are more plausible than alien abduction or black holes.

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