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Thursday, April 3, 2014


As I was running about on Sunday, hunting for glue to repair my cheapo golf shoes (I have a spare pair to use in the meantime) on which the soles are separating, I began to muse about woman. Not women, woman... the word and what it means.

Being male, I have often heard the word "man" used in various ways: man up, be a man, and so on... but what about "woman?" You never hear "Be a woman!" or "woman up!" Growing up male I have often wondered what "being a man" means. It means different things depending on context, like many things I ponder, but what does "being a woman" mean? Do young girls know? Do women know?

I have thought, since my teens, that women improve with age; that women are somehow better than girls. Somewhere close to thirty, female humans blossom into their utmost form. As I passed thirty myself, I began to think that forty was the optimal age for women. And later it became 50-ish, maybe even 60. Perhaps women don't so much improve with age but that I broaden my horizons as I age.

To get back to golf shoes... Why do they fall apart so easily? They shouldn't, they aren't worn much, a few hours a couple of days (three, in my case) a week. Yet, they do not last. They invariably suffer separation of the sole (no, not soul, that's another issue altogether). You would think they'd last a lot longer than they do. Maybe I'll go back to wearing cross-trainers for golf.

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