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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

But We Don't Think About That, Do We?

As I perused my email this morning, I came across a piece by John Stossel regarding the news and why/how it is reported. News is negative, is it not? I mean Dan Rather (for example) never opened a news show with "It was a wonderful day today, nobody died in some horrible and unnecessary way, all the planes that took off landed safely, no earthquakes, no tsunamis, nothing horrendous happened... perhaps tomorrow. Until then, I'll be bored silly."

Stossel's point was, I think, that we seek out bad news and we do not seek out good news. Oh, we do seek out good news involving those we care about but not in the world around us. The Germans have a word for it, schadenfreude, which I think is not defined accurately. Its meaning is:

satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

I don't think we derive pleasure from others' misfortunes so much as we tend to be happy it's someone else's woe and not our own or those we personally care about.

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Tom Sightings said...

Well, as they say ... no news is good news.