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Monday, May 19, 2014

We Are Sick And On A Diet

One has nothing to do with the other, I assure you.
We have been on a diet for about a week. To be fair, it is Faye that is on a diet and not Frances or I. But when one person in a house is on a diet, all suffer in some way. In my case, I actually do not suffer but, instead, get more veggies in my meals. This is odd because Faye's diet is the "no carb" type and Faye doesn't eat veggies as a rule and does not change that to diet. Normally, meals in our house consist of meat, potatoes (or rice), and a salad. The salad can still be a part of the meal but, often, I get green beans or peas with mine. So, I am happy.

Now, let's talk about that sick part... It's the 24 hour "bug", what we usually call the "stomach flu." It is not fun. It is spread in the day or two before the disgusting symptoms appear. This is so that it can proliferate wantonly and so your friends can then hate you for inflicting it on them.

The only good thing about the illness is that the worst of it is over in a day. The bad thing (other than the symptoms) is the memory of it lingers well after recovery.

I am better now, as is Faye. And Frances should be well again by the time your read this.

And who knows where it started?

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