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The Random Comic Strip

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Said There Would Be Changes

One of the changes is in the frequency and, possibly, tone of my posts.I have tried, in the past, to refrain from political commentary except on Saturdays. Now, there will be more political commentary during the week.

Not because I want to bore you but because I am unhappy with the direction this country (our country) is headed. And I feel I must speak out. Don't worry, it won't be all political all the time but there will be more than this blog has had in the past.

I will continue commenting on the oddities of life, as I see them. Situations and news items that catch my eye and pique my interest will be brought to your attention.  I am still interested in space, catastrophic meteor collisions (or the potential for them), human nature (both good and bad) and I will try to present these to you in the hopes they amuse you or get you to research them also.

Oh, and I will likely not be posting on a daily basis. I find it taxing and I dislike taxes.

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