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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Goofed!

I made a mistake the other day, I had Faye follow me to the local Ford dealership where I had an appointment to get an oil change (a free one). I shouldn't have. I should have just gone there and called her to pick me up when I dropped off the Focus.

But, I didn't. And she pulled up in front of the dealership, a salesman chatted her up and started showing her a Lincoln MKS. For those of you who are not up on these things, the MKS is a gussied up Ford Taurus which has a Lincoln logo emblem and nicer (and more expensive) options available.

Of course she fell in love with it. And, of course, we ended up buying it. I knew this was coming. So it is really my fault.

Still, I like the car and am glad we bought it. It has all the "bells and whistles", including remote start and rain sensor windshield wipers and air-conditioned (
and heated) seats in front.   There's the back up camera, the parking sensors, Blind Spot Warning, and much more. I hate buying cars because of what has to be done afterward. Not to mention it takes hours to finish the paperwork. Just getting my Sunpass account configured for the new car was a pain. Her Lucerne used a barcode windshield sticker for that purpose but I bought a new device to replace it. Activating that wasn't hard but I found that my two cars were not on the same account (even though I had requested the Sunpass people do that many months ago... when I purchased my Focus). They promised that would be done this time... in 5-7 business days...but I am not holding my breath. I have no faith, I suppose. But, this time, getting the insurance transferred was simple. And then I worked up a sweat (not hard to do here in July) configuring the built-in garage door opener. I still have to pick up a bluetooth enabled phone to replace her old OnStar setup and get that established on the system.

I came home from golf yesterday to hear complaints about the car not "remembering" her seat position. I got her straightened out on that. She thought just having the "magic" key (it's one of those push button start things) with her would somehow make that happen. I explained, and demonstrated, how it actually worked. All she had to do was push the start button and the seat would adjust to her pre-sets. Then she could easily step on the brake and press the start button again to start the car. You have to step on the brake before the car will start. Otherwise the car just turns on accessory power.

The next few months will be a learning experience for both of us. With me doing the most learning, I figure.


T.C. said...

Enjoy the ride.

Douglas said...

The ride is nice (but not as nice as the Buick was) and I have learned that the steering wheel controls on her Lincoln are not the same as the ones on the Focus... just different enough to cause a problem.