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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rational Or Irrational?

I like to think I am a rational person. That, in itself, may be irrational. There are times I question my rationality... many times, actually. Currently, I am engaged in a number of "debates" with others on Mother Jones. The story and the comments can be found here. Do you know what the Mother Jones site is about? Have you ever heard of the publication that goes by that name? When I was young, back in the late 60's... in the Dark Ages before the internet came into being... There were some magazines with a left-leaning, radical, tone. Being a liberal at the time, I liked them. I thought they were revealing things that were being suppressed, kept from "the people", as it were. Like many of my peers at the time, I was pretty ignorant. Nothing was really being kept from us but it seemed so. After all, we were embroiled in a war in southeast Asia that was inexplicable. To understand why we were in that war, one would have to understand the history of colonialism, the history of the region, and political policies since the end of WWII. Most of my liberal peers did not have a good grasp of these things but had a good grasp of rumor, paranoia, and all disliked authority. Now they seem enamored of it.

Mother Jones came out of that period. It was radical, it was leftist, it was revolution; in short, it was interesting. As I grew older and changed, I realized it wasn't anything but rabble rousing propaganda from the left. I should say "I began to see it" in that way.

Anyway, I was engaged with a person who felt that jet contrails were part of the problem causing Anthropomorphic (man-made) Climate Change. Commercial aviation is destroying the planet. He was adamant about this. I challenged him on it since contrails are pretty much just condensation. I asked him to provide a link to a site that would explain the issue because I could not find one that took it seriously. He stalled and obfuscated, claiming he would do it "when [he] got home." He is posting on a web site and he can't do a search for websites? Why did he need to be at home? It made no sense.

Eventually, he offered a couple of links. The first of which produced a "page not found" error at the EPA website. The second went here and I laughed myself silly. But he was serious and offended by the fact that I did not read the specific article in his link. Instead, I simply gave him the link to this story.

Whereupon he accused me of having a closed mind because I did not read his linked story.

Maybe I am wrong but I think any website that thinks UFOs exist is a bit irrational and if it further thinks they are attracted to what they call "chemtrails" (you should Google that term) then I would say the site is moved way beyond just irrational.

But I leave it up to you to decide.


Tom Sightings said...

I saw an estimate saying a fully loaded 747 burns about 12,000 gallons of jet fuel to fly from JFK to LAX. So while it's unlikely that UFOs are smoking up the air, it seems rational to conclude that commercial aviation is adding a bit of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Douglas said...

Tom, I can tell that you didn't Google "chemtrails". If you had, you'd have seen that it is basically laughed at by science. I do not doubt that jets (and prop planes) are adding pollutants, such as CO2 to the atmosphere. But I urge you to pay closer attention to these claims; I think you will find the per passenger mile pollution is much lower than you might think and a lot lower than these wackos (like those running that web page) believe. Besides, shouldn't we start small? Like going after people with private jets whose pollution per passenger mile is much greater? Like, say, Al Gore, who jets to places where he will receive Big Bucks for speaking about Climate Change?