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Friday, July 18, 2014

Perhaps You Are Wondering...

Why I have been skipping posting from time to time. It's not because I have been busy. It's mostly because I am lazy. And I haven't had a decent (or even indecent) idea lately that would translate into a post.

That's not quite true, I distinctly recall having a good idea Tuesday evening while preparing to go to dinner with a few friends. Unfortunately, I did not write it down and I can no longer remember it. Blame it on age. Or blame it on laziness. You see, I could have taken just a moment to write it down somewhere but didn't.

And then nothing at all came to mind yesterday but I thought I might try to explain why with a post today.

I will be out playing golf today. It will be hot, sweaty, and I will probably play poorly.  That's pretty much what we put up with here in Paradise. I think back to my early youth when my family first moved to south Florida and we had no air conditioning. And I wonder how we survived the summers. Maybe it was because I was young and the heat didn't bother me as much as it does now. Maybe. In fact, I didn't like air conditioning then. Not in most places. They would set the thermostats to too low a temperature and I would get the chills. To this day, I think it made me sick.... fooling my body into thinking I had a cold because I would be in and out of the air conditioning in the bowling alley (where I hung out in my mid-teens) regularly. And the motels I hung out at had to be set at 72 which I thought was freezing at the time. Still do in a way.

I set my house thermostat to 78 degrees and it seems just fine most of the time, though it sometimes feels a little chilly.

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