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Friday, October 23, 2015

An Elaborate Hoax?

I have been thinking about the Democratic Party's nomination process lately. Especially after watching the debate in las Vegas.

Let's see... There's Lincoln Chaffee, a former "moderate" Republican senator and governor of Rhode Island.

Lawrence Lessig; a law professor at Harvard.

Martin O'Malley; former governor of Maryland and former Mayor of Baltimore.

Bernie Sanders; calls himself a Democratic Socialist and claims to be an "Independent" but votes pretty much lockstep with Democrats. Also a senator from Vermont.

And, of course, Hillary Clinton; former First Lady and Secretary of State under Obama during his first term.

Jim Webb; former senator from Virginia, war hero, former Secretary of the Navy (dropped out of the race recently).

I think it (the Democratic contest for the nomination) is a sham. I believe that Bernie got in to show that Hillary had a contest. But her inevability was never in doubt. But surprise, surprise, he caught on with the extreme left wing of the party. I think the plan was to distract the extreme left with Sanders so Hillary could coast in pretending to be middle of the road.

None of the candidates, other than Hillary, are important and were just window dressing to distract outsiders.

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