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Friday, October 16, 2015

I Got A New Toy

I get toys all the time now. Since I became an adult, I learned that I can buy things for me. The toy I got is a Golf GPS unit, a watch that doubles as a golf gps. I bought one some time ago and it had some problems but the company who made it was responsive and it got resolved. Therefore, I looked kindly on them and, this time, I bought a newer model of the same type. It still has some of the tricky charging attributes of the older model but worked well enough to charge it yesterday when I received it. You never know if any device is fully charged when it arrives.

It looks like the old one but slimmer and with some blue hi-lites on the watch and band. It is noticeably lighter too. The real test is today when I use it on the course.


Tom Sightings said...

My problem is that the GPS says it's 150 yards to the green. So I take out my 8 iron, which is supposed to go 150 yards. I hit the ball, and I look up, and the ball is not on the green. That GPS is a piece of crap!

Douglas said...

Tom, 150 yds for an 8-iron? You would have to hit it perfectly, wouldn't you? And straight.