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Monday, January 4, 2016

Electoral College- Needed Or Not?

I used to think, in this modern age of rapid communication, it wasn't needed anymore; an anachronism from the days when there might be weeks or months before a state's election results could be known. I don't think that way anymore, I understand more about its true purpose now.

It's about smaller states having a say in an election of the president. Like many, I thought it was all about the limits of communication in the days when the Constitution was written. Wikipedia tries to explain it using the Federalist Papers and Andrew Hamilton's take on the system (it's not a place, it's a system; a way to do an election and only for president, not for senators or representatives those are local elections). More than just a way to make sure the states' results get to D.C., it's how smaller states with fewer people get a somewhat equal footing with their bigger and more populous brethren.

Without it, California, New York, and a few other states might pretty much dictate who would be president. And that would be unfair, in my opinion.

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