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Monday, January 18, 2016

I Have Been Remiss...

In my duties as blogger. I will not give excuses because none need be offered, you all know how lazy I am.

I have been thinking about the state of the world recently... and worrying. It is a mess. I have been reading a bit about about what others think of it and haven't found much to be optimistic about, I understand that George Orwell wrote, in 1940, about the rise of fascism in Germany, "Why is it that so many people in the West, why are so many Germans, buying into this horrible ideology -- as opposed to an ideology of capitalism and free markets and freedom?"

I now wonder why so many in the U.S reject capitalism? Why they seem to like anything which opposes capitalism? I do not understand why there is such support of Bernie Sanders (who is now seemingly giving the Clinton campaign the "heebie-jeebies"). And, on the other side, Donald Trump (clearly a capitalist) apears to be (at this time) headed for the nomination. Are we that divided? Bernie Sanders' allure seems to be partly about resentment of the rich, of the 1%. We once lauded the wealthy, admired them, appreciated them for the jobs they provided and the industries they ran. Now, we don't. We seem to hate them just because they are wealthy. Even Trump wants to raise taxes on hedge fund managers; why them and not all stock brokers? I could blame the education system we have but that is a easy target and so many others have taken that route.

I am old now and not likely to suffer much of the troubles I foresee. But, if I am right about Iran, that could easily impact me.


T.C. said...

It truly is baffling.

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