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Monday, January 25, 2016

Just One More Political Note

I am sure you are all tired of the political circus afoot. Yet, I want to ensure that you are completely fed up with it by explaining my thoughts about it.
Sometime ago, I left a comment somewhere (perhaps on "THE VIEW FROM OUTSIDE MY TINY WINDOW"):

"As you know, I agree with you about our prejudices but my take is that we have only one instinct and that is the survival instinct. I believe that atruism is an extension of that... in terms of giving one's life to save another, for example. I also agree with you about politicians and was reminded of what a wise (though young) man once told me about the 1964 presidential election: he was Black and I asked him who he was going to vote for (he was 21, I was 17). I was taken aback when he said "Goldwater", he said he knew who and what Goldwater is but that he distrusted Johnson. I learned 2 things: that all black people didn't fit my stereotype and that some were wise beyond their years. I differ with you on our problem with people who firmly believe some things. Yes, Trump is echoing the psyche of many of us but I think we desire such, we want someone to not only believe something great about us but who convinces us of that greatness."

I think that is what Trump has been doing and why he is popular. He is not only playing to our fears but he is clever. As a showman, he understands that there is no such thing as bad publicity. So he says outrageous things and that gets newsprint and commentary... free publicity. His most recent trick of refusing to show up at the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses will likely be seen by historians (if he wins the primaries) as pure political genius. He also seems sincere in what he spouts on the "stump." Bernie Sanders also does this, maybe to a greater degree because I think Sanders truly believes what he says. I wouldn't vote for him but that is because I find socialism to be abhorrent.

I think we are constantly looking for a savior, a "white knight", to come to our rescue. And that is what Trump and Sanders represent to many.

We want someone who seems sincere and says things we want to hear. These two do that. As did a certain dictator who started World War II. Not that I think either of these two will start the next worldwide conflagration but that there is a strong similarity.

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