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Monday, April 18, 2016

I Have Some New Toys

I also have some new problems but let's talk about these toys.

First, I was having some problems with my phone (a cheap smartphone) that worked okay but had problems with updating apps. These problems were basically "insufficient storage" problems that I thought I could fix by adding a MicroSD chip... but no, that didn't work because the phone just didn't have enough native memory to handle the apps it came with. So the first toy was a new smartphone, a Samsung (Android, of course) which had plenty of native memory.

The second toy is a new 10" tablet that runs Windows 10. I like it but don't do much except play Freecell right now. It's an IURULU Walknbook and, of course, it was dirt cheap so I grabbed it up.

The problem is that I am getting too old to learn, I think, and having two devices to figure out is stretching my brain to its limits.

Now, back to my personal issues... I fell off my new bicycle a week ago (after running into some scrub palms) and managed to damage my wrist... nothing broken but it hurts, especially when I bend it (which I do more often then I thought I would). Old guys just don't heal as quickly as we once did. And typing is a problem.


Tom Sightings said...

That's why I only buy a new device when I absolutely have to ... and why I don't ski anymore.

Douglas said...

Tom, point taken.