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Monday, April 25, 2016

Sorry... Politics

I am not a Trump fan but he's right about the game being rigged. Not to keep him from being nominated but so the Party bosses control the process. On the other side, we see it again... Hillary has the super-delegates on her side, which is what the Party bosses want.

Update: it appears that Kasich and Cruz have decided to work together to "Stop Trump."

We know the game is rigged yet we vote for the nominees anyway, if we happen to be in a state that has primaries. They say the rules are known to the candidates and they know the states set the rules so there are many rules to know and work with. I think the parties should push for something more consistent, with primaries in each state, and let the voters decide who the nominees will be.

To be honest, I thought Trump would find his support shallow and he would disappear after the voters started voting but that didn't happen. He showed a passion that we haven't seen in a very long time and that got him a lot of fans.

I think Sanders was encouraged by the Party to run, thinking he would be knocked out of the race early and make it appear that Hillary didn't just get annointed. But he struck a nerve and got some (many) followers and has given Hillary quite the fight. He won't likely get the nomination but don't count his fans out, they are every bit as rabid as the Trumpies; I think we'll see that at the Democratic Party Convention.

As far as the investigations into Hillary's emails goes, expect an "October Surprise" in November or late October. She'll either get a blanket pardon from Obama or the Justice Dept. will not indict.

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