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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Boredom Sets in

Here it is Tuesday morning and I am bored silly. Ok, I am often silly and often bored but rarely both. The Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino in Biloxi is a nice place. Poorly laid out but still nice.

You enter in the front if you want valet parking (free except for tip) or on the east end if you want to dent your own car and keep the tip for yourself. If you park yourself in the nice multi-tiered covered parking, you take the elevator down to the casino level (the first floor which is actually one floor above street level) and then cross over to the west side of the block long building to the registration desk. This is where you are told your room is not ready and it will be ready at the guaranteed time of 4 PM. (and not one minute before, they do not tell you). Continue west and turn south and you can walk the half block back to the casino. There, you can waste the hour or so until your room is ready at a rate of about $30 an hour on the slots, somewhat higher on the blackjack or roulette tables (unless you are lucky) and even higher at the craps tables (no one is lucky there).

When you finally get to your room, however, you will find it looks exactly like the pictures on the website. There was no distortion to make it look bigger than it actually is. The only drawback is there is no in-room mini-fridge. Well, there is but it is full of highly over-priced sodas and beer and wine.

The erupting coffee maker was a plus. I don't drink the in-room coffee (it's always too weak) but I do heat water in it to have an after dinner tea (green tea with honey and ginseng). Maybe it wouldn't have splashed out of the lid as it bubbled and boiled if there was a coffee packet in it. Quite entertaining.

I think there's a rule in resort areas regarding air conditioning. It says something like "Set the thermostat to slightly above freezing." I don't know about other people but I do not carry a jacket when heading to a resort by the Gulf coast in the summer. I should know better since I grew up in a south Florida and used to hang out at the hotels. I could use a sweater.

I am almost looking forward to the drive home. Almost. I am definitely looking forward to being home.

I did take a few pics this morning...

A little wood sculpture on US Hwy 90 using trees damaged by hurricane Katrina.

The view from the parking garage at the Hard Rock Cafe Casino.

The view from our window at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel.


Michael said...

Bitchin' view from your room.


Douglas said...

Yes, and for only $70 a night, too.