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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Late Night Boredom

I am probably going to tick some people off today. so, let me apologize in advance. It's insincere, of course, but I feel I have to make that effort.

I don't watch late night television as a rule. I am usually in bed by the time the news comes on at 11. The local news is annoying and trivial and mostly about the area where the station is (some 80-100 miles away) so I got out of the habit of watching that a long time ago.

But last night I watched David Letterman's opening monologue. I have never been so unamused by a monologue in my life. Really. This is important because I have always found something to laugh at with even the worst comedian's routines. I mean, there is always something. Even if it's by accident; a slip of the tongue, a gaff of some sort, a heckle from the audience. Not for Letterman.

Dry, stale, mundane. Delivered without any pizzazz. He seemed to know it because he made several attempts to put the blame on someone else. He mused that his son had written the jokes. The audience wasn't roaring but they were laughing and clapping at the appropriate times. Why, I have no idea. I wasn't.

I wasn't even angry at the jokes because they were tasteless, rude, or counter to my political views. Some might have been but I have laughed at those kind of jokes in the past. These jokes simply fell flat. Yet the audience seemed happy.

I have had friends who loved this guy. I never understood why. A long time ago, when I was young and could would stay up late, I caught a couple of his shows with those friends. I was unimpressed even then.

It's not that I dislike talk shows or comedy. I like these things. Somewhat. Talk isn't my favorite type of show since they are mostly about whatever the guest is plugging. You know; new movie, new book, new album, whatever. It's all about promotion. But I can understand that and some guests are entertaining. Robin Williams, for example. I don't recall who the guests were last night but I wasn't interested. The monologue is supposed to prime you for the show.

I was primed for bed. Even though I wasn't tired.

Sad. Is this really entertainment? Or am I just unhip?


Cheri said...

Agreed. Letterman is a mean-spirited hack. His treatment of John McCain during the election finished him for me.

Glad to hear his little schtick went flat last night.

Boo hoo.

Griff said...

Never found the guy funny myself either.

Douglas said...

Perhaps I and not so unhip... or at least not alone in that unhipness.