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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Still on The Road

Last night, I tried to take a shower to clean away the road from body and mind. I should have known better.

I have stayed in Hyatt Regencies in nice rooms where the maids leave a mint on your pillow after turning down your blanket. I have stayed in old, but well kept and appointed, hotels with huge rooms. I have stayed in hotels with tiny rooms where even non-claustrophobics would have issues. I have stayed in ratty little cabins in rustic places, cheap seedy hotels with indifferent desk clerks behind cages for protection, surprisingly nice little places that one didn't expect, and small chains and large. They all had one thing in common...

Showers designed for midgets little people. Look, I am not tall. I stand 5' 11" more or less. This is not tall, folks. So tell me why I have to bend over backwards, awkwardly leaning my head back to wash my hair? I shudder to think what my father had to tolerate as a 6'4" adult who traveled regularly as a salesman.

Do the people who build these motels and hotels think the average person is only 5' tall?

We traveled well today. A breakfast at a Village Inn got us started in a place called Milton or maybe Pace, it isn't clear. The food was acceptable and the coffee effective which all that matters. A pleasant ride along the Escambia River (which leads, not surprisingly, to Escambia Bay). I should have stopped and taken a picture or two. Beautiful homes, with one exception, lined the bluffs along the river. the one exception was a garish castle-like monstrosity. These were not inexpensive houses, why would anyone build a structure that blended a Moorish castle with pop art is beyond me.

And then we made it to Battleship Park. I took a few pictures but they didn't turn out so well. I am obviously not a photographer. I managed to get Faye to climb down and up ladders (that's what the Navy calls "stairs") from one end of the ship to the other. Well, not really. Only around the middle third of the ship. But we went all the way down to the engine room and back up, with a couple of side trips up and down and climbing in and out of one of the massive 16"-.45 gun mounts.

She's exhausted. Not enough to keep her from the slot machines here at the Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi but tired nonetheless.

I slipped upstairs to the room to post this. She will never know. Nice rooms, by the way. Much nicer than I expected.

Tomorrow I will go play golf. It's cheaper than gambling.


Pearl said...

Have never been to that part of the country. Sounds exhausting. :-)


p.s. Hope Faye had some luck!

The Jules said...

I like the idea of "effective" coffee.

Steven said...

wow...I need to visit one of these things...

Douglas said...

Pearl, you should come down to the Gulf coast. It's warm, you can run around in the sand barefoot, and lots to see or ignore. Leave the cat.

Jules, I hate the ineffective kind.

Steven, it virtually bristles, doesn't it? A little hard to hide under your jacket, though.

The Jules said...

I like the idea of "effective" coffee.