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Friday, April 27, 2012

Gnats in the brain's ear

After having been on the road for weeks, you get a little weird... er. Like losing a password (Faye did it) for one of your email accounts. Frustrating but it happens. Living out of a suitcase, sleeping in motels and hotels, eating at small diners and large restaurants, and hours and hours of driving all take a toll on your brain. 

So far, the worst drivers have been in California. Or maybe the Californians just hate people from Florida. But I feel like I am being targeted now and then. Fewer "clingers" here but a lot of aggressive drivers. I always wondered about the penchant for "bumper-to-bumper" driving at highway speeds that Californians seem to have. I have decided it's to prevent anyone from getting between them and the car in front of them. Forget that bit about leaving plenty of space between yourself and the car in front of you that you were once taught, forget the "2 second rule", any space greater than a car length can, and will, be filled by a lane changer.

It doesn't help shifting back and forth between tablet and laptop; neither of which have comfortable keyboards. I suppose it would be even more frustrating for an accomplished (or trained) typist. Since I am not, I should be used to the frustration. I am not. I don't handle frustration well.

Tie that in with the changes and foul-ups of the new Blogger editor "look and feel" and perhaps you can understand why I feel like I am headed for psychotherapy. The editor goes along happily at the font and type size you select until... for no particular reason... it drops the font and falls back to "normal" font size. Complaints/feedback seem to do no good because it continues. Post titles are ignored until after you publish the post and are not saved as they should be. The scheduler stopped working about the time I started this trip. 

But that's not the readers' problem. It's mine. I should be able to cope with change. I once enjoyed it actually. But I got older and no longer enjoy the challenges I once did. I even get cranky because Faye's car doesn't have the rain-sensing windshield wiper option so I have to turn them on and off myself and adjust them as needed. Faye is probably getting tired of my whining about that. I really like that feature in my car and it has saved me from buying a new car a couple of times. 

We are now in beautiful San Diego and about a week shy of starting back to Florida. I expect my crankiness will only increase until I am back sleeping in my own bed.

Until then, posts will be spotty at best.



The Jules said...

Ha! Loving the idea of you getting grumpy because you have to turn the wipers on! Your coddle is well and truly mollied! ;-)

Douglas4517 said...

 I am becoming more like my dad every day. sigh