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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Survived the first day

Before I left on this trip, I wrote a short post for Wednesday. I scheduled it to publish at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, April 18... but it didn't publish. Instead, it remained in "Scheduled" status until I backdated it to the 17th. Then I clicked on Publish and it showed on the blog but as being posted on Tuesday. I guess Blogger is not perfect. No, I know it's not perfect... far from it. Maybe Blogger was offline when 8 AM rolled around...

Anyway, the trip to Biloxi went smoothly, not even one close call along the way. I'm impressed. Breakfast at a Cracker Barrel, lunch at a Hardee's, and who knows what we'll do for dinner but it will be here in Biloxi. A little rain and a few slowdowns for some road work were the only glitches on a fine day.

Speaking of a little rain, I have been a little nervous on wet streets since my little scare in November of 2010. I detailed that in Maybe next time...  A little hydroplaning will make your sphincter tighten a wee bit anytime there's water on the road. And that is what I experienced. It's a bit like the aftermath of the time I totaled a Mitsubishi Mirage by T-boning a full size Buick at an intersection in Jacksonville. It was several years before I approached intersections with any kind of confidence. Now, I suffer a little angst if there's been a little rainfall. I am sure this is natural and I won't need extensive counseling.

At least not for that anyway. I have no desire to inflict my other neuroses on some unsuspecting psychologist. None of them likely want to deal with them either, unless they're greedy. But I am cheap and wouldn't pay the hourly rate for a totally insincere "friend." That is, after all, the purpose of a psychologist, isn't it? A friend with advice that comes with a bill?

I'll probably get a lot of hate mail from psychologists for that.

Let `em come.

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