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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thoughts of politics in the midst of traffic

Another day on the road and nothing much to report. The traffic was light enough and we didn't get lost. And, after 9 hours, we arrived at Amarillo to spend the night. Tomorrow, another 8 or 9 hours and we'll be a day away from Vegas.

In the meanwhile, I see the attacks on Romney's religion have started. Subtly, very subtly. About how his father was born in a polygamist colony in Mexico. Which means what exactly? Nothing. Because his grandfather wasn't a polygamist. He just had one wife. Just as Mitt Romney has had only one wife. Instead, there's some desire to make it seem there is something weird about Romney and, especially, his religious beliefs.

Sure, we don't understand Mormonism. I don't, anyway. Never have. But then I don't understand most religions. They have rituals, rites, and core beliefs. All of them do. The difference between a mainstream religion and a cult? The number of people who believe. Christianity was once a cult, it grew in numbers then it splintered off into different sects who disagreed with the other sects about what various things meant. Same with Islam. Same with all belief systems. They evolve, new sects sprout up. It's just the way it is.

But that won't stop those backing Obama from implying something sinister about the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Obama will distance himself from these attacks, he may even condemn them publicly. And claim he has no control over them. But they will continue. Unless there is a backlash, unless it hurt his re-election chances. If that happens, they will stop... quickly.

Sadly, that is politics in this country.

People should be able to ignore these things, consider the issues, determine who they want to reside in the White House for the next 4 years, and vote accordingly. Many of us do. I used to think that most of us did. But that was when I was young and naive. I know better now, I know most of us vote by name recognition, or by who looks better (or more presidential), or by whatever party they are loyal to, or who their friends like. Or for the one they think will win. Like they choose their car, or their favorite soft drink, or fast food place.

And the rest of us? Well, we get to go along with it. Like the flow of traffic.

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