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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Once Tried To Take Pictures

I admire Robot Nine's Blog. So much so that, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am imitating it (poorly). The following are photos I took back in the late 70s. The first three are of my son when he was about 9 years old. One of them was the result of three photos that I played with in the darkroom during a photography course. The next are shots I took around San Diego. Two of them should be recognizable to anyone familiar with the area but one may not be. I dare you to name it.

To get a full size view of any of these, simply click on it.


Neo said...

Impressive you did dark room work, only time I did that was in a printing class I took in high school.
Only have vague memories of that class

Michael said...

I'm back! I'm so exhausted from Monday and Tuesday with all the deadlines, but I'm finally here. I'm so tired... You should do a post about what it was like at your most tired point in your life.

I like your son's hair at 9. I sincerely hope that doesn't sound creepy to you, but it really is nice hair.

Is San Diego worth visiting? Any special food there?


Douglas said...

Neo - The nice thing was that, at that time, you could simply rent darkroom time at several places around town. But the darkroom I used was at one of those continuing adult classes things. It was free with a small darkroom fee. I learned quite a bit doing it. Dabbled in color for awhile but wasn't good in the darkroom on those. I'll be posting more of these from my "artistic" days.

Michael - My most tired point in my life? Interesting thought. None of it had to do with work or study.

Yes, his hair was that youngster look. He keeps it very short now and has since his teens.

San Diego is well worth visiting. The food is great. Especially the Mexican food. Mexican food varies in taste and style depending on area. California, while close to Southwestern US, has its own flavor, I think. Very good. You can also get most anything other style/nationality there.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Like me, I did a course in darkroom work, put it in the "too hard" basket and gave up. Stuck just with the taking on photos. Douglas, you commit the same sin as myself; so often I take a great photo only to have some unrelated object mar the background, pfff! This is a common feature of my photography.

Most tired point in life... yes, an interesting concept. I can pinpoint mine, the last time I gave up smoking (5 years ago)and ballooned 10kg in six weeks, I became lazy and lethargic for some months, even affecting my sex life. It was not a good nor pleasant time. I think about 9 months. Never want to repeat that.


Douglas said...

AV - Sometimes, background things cannot be avoided and a little artistic cropping can help. Sometimes, they fit even though you'd rather they weren't there.

I liked doing the darkroom work. Not the color stuff because much of it depended upon faith and trial and error. I respect those that have that talent for it. But B&W has immediate feedback and you can see what you're doing. I wouldn't want to build my own darkroom (unless I was rich and could design it into my house), though I once put one up in a woman's garage. God knows what those chemicals did to me...

Alan said...

Douglas- And flattering it is indeed. Funny, because while I think I am a good writer itsometimes is like giving birth, so right back at you because your posts always read well and tell a good tale.

Nice pix, I used to love the darkroom, some of the images on RN like the train, my daughter and such were my B and W work. But my new love affair is digital beacause this poor boy hates the cost of film!

Thanks for the cool mention and Michael is right, I like your son's hair. Mine at that age looked more like Ike Turner's on a bad morning.


Douglas said...

Alan - You and your site are well deserving of the mention. And I thank you for the compliment. I liked doing the B&W darkroom work. It was surprisingly easy to work with and was very satisfying. I have a couple of digital cameras but they are more snapshot types. I really want a digital SLR so I can get a bit creative. I like fish-eye and wide angle lenses as well as the super zooms. But I know the costs would be worse than my golf addiction.