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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Benefit of Reverse Psychology

I notice some things seem to have the opposite effect than what was intended. When I was a teen, I found that dates with girls whose parents were strict and watched over them like hawks was likely to be the most enjoyable. These girls were screaming inside to do the things their parents said were "wrong." And I was very willing to assist them in their goals.

Risk taking seems to add to the pleasure of any undertaking. And anything taboo carries a guarantee of risk. This is the real story behind Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Not the Fall of Man but that temptation starts with the word "don't" (ok, maybe two words... "do not"... I refuse to quibble).

As parents, we quickly learn that telling a child "no!" doesn't really work. It just makes the child more determined to do... or touch... or eat... whatever it is that the "no!" was for.

And now? Now when someone tells me I need this, or that, or some other thing, I immediately decide I do not.

I have found this attitude has been most useful during this downturn. Salesmen can be easily turned away. Commercials can be ignored (not that I watch many of those since I got that DVR).

And the other thing I have learned? The more you do not want something someone is selling, the more they will lower the price to get you to buy it.

Life is sweet.

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