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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Charade

I just got through reading an interesting Reuters' article on Kim Jong Il of North Korea that says, essentially, that he is “crazy like a fox.” The theory is that he is not actually crazy but that he wants everyone to think he is. That theory, based on Game Theory, says he acts like he does in order to keep his perceived enemies off balance and willing to believe his threats are credible.

The purpose of this is to exert more power than he actually has when it comes to negotiations with foreign powers, especially those in the West (which is actually east of him, oddly).

An interesting theory.

Ever watch those poker tournaments on TV? The game is all about projecting an image, fooling your opponents into thinking you have more or less than they do, and seeing through their own ruses.

Do we do this in everyday life? Do all of us do this at one point or another in our lives, maybe more often than we realize?

I think we do. I think we learn to do it at a very early age. And that it is a useful tool.

Salespeople use it all the time, of course. They are expected to.

It is used by people meeting for the first time. Especially when looking for someone to date. You establish an image, a facade, that you think will attract the type of person you wish to impress. Expensive clothes, for example, project the image of success and prosperity. A nice car, the name casually mentioned in conversation. These help in certain places with certain people. They can be handicaps in other places, like a “grunge” bar.

We do it when applying for a job.

We did it in high school in order to fit in with whatever crowd we thought we'd like. I watched people change like chameleons as they drifted from clique to clique in high school.

We sometimes do it because we do not like who we think we are and think others will not like that person either.

At the same time, those who know us best say, “Just be yourself!”

After awhile, you begin to wonder who that is.

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