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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Idea Zoo

There are so many things to write about that I am sometimes overwhelmed by them. Until I sit down in front of the keyboard, pull up my word processor and then my mind goes as blank as the screen before me. Well, that's not quite correct. the entire screen isn't blank, just the window where I am supposed to type.

I have written about Writer's Block before. So let me continue to bore you with my troubles with it. There are many forms.

In most instances, mine takes the form of "I Have an idea but cannot adequately express it." This is the most frustrating form for me. An idea in my mind is like a caged animal. It wants to get out. It flings itself at the bars, it roars and hisses and snaps with incredibly sharp teeth as I reach to open its cage door. A magnificent creature, I fear it and admire it. I know I am afraid of what it might do if it gets free of confinement but I also want to see all of its power. I open the cage and the tiger becomes a kitten afraid to leave the warmth of the towel tucked in the corner by the bowl of milk.

In other cases, it dashes out with great speed and disappears around a corner and out the door I foolishly left open behind me... never to be seen again. Frustrating because it was exciting and I wasn't fleet enough to keep up with it.

At least it was exciting for a time, it had potential.

The very worst is when I go in that room and examine the cage and there is nothing penned up. Only the emptiness and the lingering scent of previous occupants.


Michael said...

I know exactly, EGGS-ZACK-KUH-LEE, what you're talking about. I always kind of gape at people whenever they bring out their little notebook out of their back pocket and start jotting down ideas for a book or something, and it makes me wonder if I could possibly do that to write my ideas in...

But, it just seems weird to do that. You're either in the middle of something else, or you feel like you don't need to write it down - you can remember it.

You do remember it.

But when you reach your keyboard, the initial excitement you got from the idea is all gone.

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."

Douglas said...

Michael, something about the radiation from a CRT or LCD display that erases the mind, I suspect.