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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Alchemy Gothic

I readily admit I am an ex-biker. An ex-biker is like an ex-Marine. I may no longer ride but I still want to. You never really walk away from it. I never owned a Harley either. I rode British bikes and Japanese bikes. It wasn't because I preferred them over Harleys but because I never could afford a Harley. Not even back when a used one could cost less than a $1000. Plus repairs. I suppose I could have put one together; bought the frame, bought the engine, and then all the parts that would be needed. Over time, slowly but surely. And I would have... except I could be riding right away for half the cost of the initial parts of a Harley.

The first motorcycle I ever sat on was a Harley. It didn't run, it was just sitting next to a garage (gas station) with weeds growing up around it. I was 7.

Since then, I have always lusted after Harleys. I'd be looking to buy one today except I have no place to put it. I would have to sell my car to make space in my garage.

To get a glimpse of what that lust is about let me tell you about a former co-worker back in `81. He rode a BMW. Now the Beamers are well-made, well-engineered, smooth riding, powerful motorcycles. He sold it to buy an older Harley.

So imagine the thoughts that ran through my mind when I read this article.

Can it be true? Will the greatest motorcycle maker in the world collapse and fail? Or will H-D rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes?

Let us hope Harleys continue on because as Harley goes, so goes the nation.

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