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Monday, April 25, 2011

And so the journey begins...


We are, as they say, "on the road" today. Somewhere between where we started and where we're going. And where are we going, you ask? Well, beyond the philosophical destination of final enlightenment at the end of life's journey, we are headed for the nearest Holy Site of the Sacred Slot Machine. That would be Biloxi, MS, my friends. You are my friends, are you not? If not, we are still on our way there.

Since this is not a long journey (having opted to skip the ride out to Las Vegas and San Diego this go- around), we can travel light. Just carry enough clothes and essentials for 5 or 6 days... and my golf clubs. We are also traveling relatively cheap since our stay in Biloxi is "comped", a night at the Hard Rock and two at the Isle. I like free. Free is good.

The trip to Biloxi is not yet finished. We (by "we" I mean "Faye") decided to leave late in the morning on Sunday, stop somewhere around Marianna, FL (a town known to me by the youthful offenders facility called the "Sheriff's Boys Ranch"), and then leisurely roll into Biloxi sometime Monday morning or early afternoon.

On the way to Marianna, we had the usual traffic denizens: the "bitter clingers", the "impatient tailgaters", the "meandering phone talkers", and the "oblivions." We survived them, however, and arrived in time to locate a Mexican restaurant of fair quality and enjoy an evening meal.

Fighting the spotty internet service at the Country Inn & Suites here in beautiful almost downtown Marianna is something else again. The staff is, of course, clueless but I notified them of the problem and they claim to be busy making it much worse.

I noticed something today... my two previous posts show the same posting date. But they were posted thusly: one on Friday morning and one on Saturday morning. A puzzlement...

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