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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Didja ever...

Try to just dash out to bring the trash can to the street, thinking no one will see, wearing raggedy shorts, hair unkempt because you just woke up... and find the street full of neighbors when you got to the curb?

Pull into the parking lot (or get off the bus downtown) and realize you left [your wallet|purse|"must be on the boss's desk at 9AM" report|ID Badge] on the kitchen table?

Realize about midway through the morning at work that your fly was open or your skirt was not zipped up?

Call your current spouse by your ex-spouse's name?

Go through that yellow light as it changes to red and then notice the police car in the next lane?

If it all happens on the same day, it must be a Monday.

I am sooooo glad I am retired.


TheLogistician said...

There's is a fairly simple way to avoid calling a current significant other a name of a former significant other, which might offend the current one:

Make sure, at a minimum, that they all names starting with the same letter, or even better, starting with the same sound, or best of all, the same name. If one finds it too difficult to find significant others to one's liking with the same name, then give them all the same nickname, like "Judy," and never endure a sleepless night.

Douglas4517 said...

That is good advice. I know it was made in jest but I seem to recall a
friend who only dated girls or women named "Diane"... He never had a

I once dated a girl named "Darlene" but because I never used her name (just
"sweetie" or "honey" or whatever pet name came to mind), I occasionally
forgot her name. Then I called her house one time and her mother answered...
and my mind went blank. So.... I said, "Hi, this is Douglas" and she took
care of the rest.


The Jules said...

Better than calling your current spouse by your next spouses name, I suppose.

Douglas4517 said...

I hated when I did that. (I sent the wrong reply for the other comment)

Douglas4517 said...

I always hated when I did that.

MArk Cowell said...

Great moments! Reminded me of my old drinking days when I woke up once with a huge hangover, no memory of the night before, and my boss's home telephone number scrawled on a piece of paper near the phone. Please tell me I didn't call.

Douglas4517 said...

Only thing worse would be a big lipstick mark and the boss's wife's name
written above the number.