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Friday, April 29, 2011

I need some sleep

Well, we obviously made it home alive. Not an easy feat considering the number of clueless drivers on the road in these parts. And the rain... which came down pretty heavily for an hour or so of our ride through northern Florida. As I strained a bit to see through the rain and determine what other cars or trucks might be in front of us, I had visions of hydroplaning once again but it didn't happen. A good thing, I suspect.

Oddly, we saw no pile ups anywhere along the way home. None on the way out either. That's pretty good for a round trip of around 1300 miles. We usually see evidence of a nasty crash where injuries likely occurred. Not this time. Everyone on the roads I used were fine... at least during the time I was on them.

We made it home by 8:30 PM (EDT) after leaving at about 9:15 AM (CDT) for a total of 10 and half actual hours on the road. Not bad when you consider we stopped for a nice meal at a Texas Longhorn Steak house in Ocala. That ate up a good hour plus. Combine that with a couple of other stops that filled up close to an hour and we made excellent time. And isn't that the essence of every road trip? To make "good time?" I mean, it's all about getting from point A to point B is the shortest possible time, isn't it?

And last night, after losing out at the end of the first round in the Blackjack tournament at the Hard Rock, I managed to come out $105 ahead on a slot machine. Will wonders never cease? That meant that I actually brought more money back than I left with. Well, if you discount the incidentals (meals and snacks along the way), that is.

Yes, I think that it was a good trip. And today, this morning, I get my comeuppance, I am sure. Today I play some golf.

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