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Monday, April 11, 2011

A bit of wishful thinking on my part

You know how things look really bad and then they just turn around? When the debts are piling up, the wife is nagging more and finding more fault than even your mother-in-law, your kids come home with piercings in parts you assume only their doctors might see, and even the dog growls when you walk in the door? And then your boss gives you a promotion and a raise, your mother-in-law takes your side, your son gets a full scholarship to MIT, your daughter announces her engagement to a member of the Warren Buffett family, and the dog keels over and dies.

Yeah, doesn't happen to me either.

But if it only would. I am sitting here in Paradise on a pleasant Sunday afternoon watching the Masters golf championship play out. Tiger Woods (the guy who was on top of the world and then his car hit a tree and a dozen women fell out) is coming back from 7 shots off the lead to tie it up. That's the kind of day I would like to have. Just once in my life.

I would like to wake up one Sunday morning to find Faye lying on the floor after having fainted when she learned we won the Powerball Lottery all by ourselves.

You see, it's not likely I could go back in time and age to my youth and, knowing what I now know, make much better choices and follow a path that led to financial independence and luxury. Or maybe a path which led to renown for my great accomplishments and public service.

Right. Like you don't have these kinds of daydreams.


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