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Friday, September 19, 2014

Emails, We Get Emails...

I received an email the other day. Lovely thing, really. Here, let me offer the body of it:

My name is Danielle, I found your post titled "Time for an Oil Change", and I really enjoyed your writing style - you conveyed the message perfectly.

The reason I am getting in touch is I am working for a client, Sierra Financial (their link)we feel that the information is a great fit with what we do.

We were wondering if you would be interested in linking to our website from inside this post? We know the request is a little unusual, but it would help us reach customers interested in this article, which suits us perfectly.

We're happy to pay you for your efforts in inserting the link - let us know a fair price!

Hear from you soon,
Danielle McAnn

Who could possibly turn that earnest plea down? Me, it turns out. I failed to see the connection a financial facilitator might have with a blog post on getting an oil change for a car. That's who she works for... a financial group in Australia.

They even offered to pay me to put a link in that particular post. Now why would anyone pay for a link in a 6 year old post? Makes me wonder about their business acumen. 

This is wasted space. For some reason I cannot clean it out from the bottom of my posts.


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