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Monday, September 15, 2014

Some Thoughts On Life Elsewhere

I am not thinking of moving from Paradise (which is what I call my little haven, Sebring). I am musing about life elsewhere in the universe.

The arguments for extra-terrestrial life are reasonable:

1. It's a big universe. In fact, it's a huge galaxy in which Earth exists. It is unreasonable to assume that the only planet in either which could support life would be ours. Ergo, life is possible elsewhere.

2. The closer we examine our own planet the more we realize that life can handle harsh conditions. Therefore, life is tenacious and not limited to what science might consider benign environments.

Using these arguments, it's hard to definitively state that only Earth has evolved life forms. On the other hand...

The main argument about extra-terrestrial life has to do with the intelligent nature of such life, not merely its existence. In fact, I do not harbor the illusion that life exists only on this single planet in a vast and unfathomable ocean of possible solar systems and planets. What I might argue is that advanced intelligent life is only remotely possible.

When reading science fiction that deals, or describes, such intelligent life it tends to evoke images of complex and far advanced civilizations. One such book which I like is called "The Mote In God's Eye" in which first contact with an alien species is described. If you have not read this book, I strongly recommend it.

My main argument against extra-terrestrial life visiting our planet is simple:

Why would any intelligent and advanced civilization spend treasure and blood to travel many (perhaps hundreds or more) light years just to abduct a few humans with histories of mental illness and carve up a few livestock? Wouldn't they use probes, as we do, to first check a planet for life and test the environment? Why assume that these civilizations would evolve so differently than we have as to pretty much do things even more irrationally than our own?

Just musing here...


NotesFromAbroad said...

Imagine Columbus was told that the life elsewhere was mentally ill and the natives scalped invaders .. just a thought ...

Douglas said...

When you think about it, Columbus thought he was going to India and what became Indonesia. Imagine his surprise... and confusion. On the other hand, I like to imagine that the existing population of the Americas put up a united front.