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Monday, September 1, 2014

Phone Annoyances

Much has changed in the time I have been on this planet. Life is somewhat easier and somewhat harder. When I was a child, we had one phone, wired directly into the wall. Extensions were expensive, you paid for the installation, and a fee for monthly service. That's all changed now. Phones travel with us, cellphones, that is. We now pay large amounts of money for the convenience and scratchy, poor, service we once complained about. And we have become rude as a result of those cellphones. We must answer them, regardless of where we are or who we are with. At one time, we answered the phone because we had no idea who it was and it could be important. Now, it seems, we answer because we can. We know who is calling, thanks to Caller ID, but we still feel the need to answer. We could be in a restaurant, having a pleasant meal, when a call comes in. And, instead of being considerate of anyone at all (either other diners or those at our own table), we answer that phone.

Which brings me to my complaint... which has nothing to do with cellphones, but with my home phone... I have received some phone calls from what appears to be a robo-caller system. The call comes in, I answer, and it is "dead air." Dialing back the number just gets you sent to the caller's voice mail which (in this case) is full so you cannot leave a message telling them not to call your number. It belongs to a Bojangles restaurant in Bradenton, FL. I have never been there and do not know how they got my number but you can be sure I will never visit one in the future. I have found their website and written a comment complaining about the calls. I have lodged a complaint with the Do Not Call registry and will follow up with a complaint to the Florida Public Service Commission on Tuesday.

Telemarketers are fools, in my opinion, and those that hire such firms or engage in the practice are even more foolish.

9-4: Update: The number does not belong to the Bojangles chain (I am informed) but to someone else. I have a name and I have an address in Bradenton, Florida. I have no other number to reach this person so I would have to travel there (some 55-60 miles from here).


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Glad to hear SOMEONE finally complaining about those notorious "blank calls".
They've been driving me up-a-wall for years now (never set the caller I.D. on my landline. After setting up the answering machine function I didn't want to risk unintentionally undoing it by fooling with it further).

Douglas said...

I have lodged two complaints with Bojangles restaurants and called the corporate office and was shunted to an unanswered line (which gave me a voice mail prompt) where I briefly outlined the problem and gave them the phone number calling me. Said I would seek legal counsel if the calls do not cease. I am probably tilting at windmills, though.