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Monday, October 25, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

Well, it is good to be back. I think. Somehow I managed to pick up a bug while we were in San Diego. I probably caught that at a Jack in the Box restaurant. I like Jack in the Box restaurants, it's a pity there are none in Florida. I am not sure why I like them, they haven't treated me all that well over the years.

They were the first fast food places to come out with breakfast sandwiches. They had a Breakfast Jack. This consisted of an egg, cooked over hard in a little metal ring so it was round, a slice of Canadian Bacon, on a regular hamburger bun. It was a great idea. But the first one I bought had a large piece of eggshell on it. Which I found after biting into it. Numerous times afterward, they would foul up the order I would give in the drive-thru lane. That's pretty much understandable if you consider just how bad those speakers and microphones are. Only they couldn't be this bad. Not this many times.

Still, I never miss a chance to patronize them when I am in an area that has them. They have a Meaty Breakfast Burrito now that I crave just thinking about it. It probably raises my cholesterol to 300mg all by itself but... I just don't care.

I have digressed, have I not? I was talking about illness, not food.

The drive home had me coughing and sniffling most of the way. Not terribly but somewhat. The day after I arrived home, it turned worse. It added a fever (mild) and few aches. I felt a bit better by Sunday and today I will ignore it to play golf. I do have my priorities after all.

Still, it is good to get home. Pleasant to sit on the sofa in front of the TV. Nice to know I can grab some iced tea (green tea with lemon, honey, and ginseng) from the fridge and settle down with the computer to do all the puzzles I like to do. It just isn't the same in a hotel room. Even in one of those mini-suites they have now.

And I can now get back to regular blogging. Daily. Except Sundays (usually). Whether you like it or not.

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