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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Strange Journey

My name is Clyde. I am a fly. An adolescent fly. Clyde is not my real name, that would be "bzzzz-zzzzzz-zzzzt", but Clyde will do. [] I was born a week or so ago (time is not my forte') in a trash receptacle in Gila Bend next to a Dairy Queen. How I came to write this is that these two humans stopped in to get some of that sweet smelling stuff like I was born and thrived in as a larva before I grew into an adult with wings and legs and stuff. So, naturally I was attracted to them when they came out the door.

I followed them toward this big metal thing. When the male got in, I joined him. Then I couldn't get out. I could see out but there was something in the way that stopped me from flying back to my home at the trash can. It was weird. The air got cooler. That almost never happens, except at night, in Gila Bend. And it was quick. Then the world that I could see started moving, faster and faster. I could see the Dairy Queen moving away and other stuff was moving toward me. And there were other big metal things around us while the world kept moving toward us and away from us. It was quite confusing, I can tell you. I really wanted out and I think the humans wanted me out too because they kept opening some of the barriers when I would fly near them. But the wind turbulence was too much for me and would push me away. So I tried to stay up where the barrier was but there was something I could land on. Then I would sometimes explore all around the inside of this metal thing looking for food. Couldn't find any though. They didn't leave any food bits lying around. I got awful hungry.

After a very long time, the metal thing stopped and got quiet. I was afraid so I hid while the humans moved around and took things and then shut the metal thing up again. I was still trapped inside. It seemed like forever. It got dark and then light again before the humans came back. When they did, I thought I might escape from the metal thing but missed my chance. They didn't stay long but went away again. But not for as long. When they came back, the place got noisy and the world started moving again.

After a long time, the world stopped moving again. The humans got out but I missed my chance to escape the metal thing. Again! After some time, the metal thing opened again and the humans got back in. One of them had something that smelled like food but I couldn't get at it. The next thing I know, I was being pushed by air outside the metal thing. Man, was I glad to get out of there before the world started moving again. But I have no idea where I am. It smells familiar, though, I think I will see if there isn't a trash can around here. Maybe I can find a sweet female fly and couple with her so she'll lay a few hundred eggs. I don't know why I want to do this but it just seems the right thing to do.

I do know one thing, I am not getting inside one of those big metal things again!

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Grey Ghost said...

I hope you didn't cross a state line while carrying livestock cos there must be a law against it. :)