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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seismic Sickness

There are so many things of importance to write about today that I feel overwhelmed and inadequate to the task. These are pretty much accurate feelings. I probably am overwhelmed and inadequate to the task. In fact, I am often inadequate to a lot of tasks. And feeling overwhelmed is a constant state in my life. I like to say that is because I always try to take on more, push myself to the limits. Just fooling myself, I suppose. Maybe not even fooling myself. I know I procrastinate and am inherently lazy. In fact, I have taken laziness to new heights since my retirement. I have never been overwhelmed by laziness.

Still, there are things to comment upon. One of these is seismic activity. I have mentioned this before. Actually, more than just once. Yesterday (or maybe it's tomorrow, I cannot figure out that whole International Dateline thing), Indonesia suffered a Tsunami as a result of a large earthquake. This one struck a small island. Indonesia is made up of a lot of islands, both small and large. And it sits on the western edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire. The Ring has been quiet for some time but has recently kicked up a bit. But we've also had some odd seismic activity in Wyoming, of all places. We tend to forget that there are some major fault lines inside the US (other than California and Alaska... which are on the eastern edge of the Ring). Missouri, for example has the New Madrid Fault. And Yellowstone is the site of a Supervolcano which, if it ever blows (and some say "when it blows") will pretty much wipe out North American civilization and severely impact the weather for the rest of the world.

So, being a little paranoid, I fret about these things whenever I see an increase in seismic activity. Or see odd seismic events occur (like that Wyoming thing).

It doesn't help that I am in the throes of some freakin' flu bug.

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