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Friday, February 24, 2012

From a tablet weakly

You could call  this an experiment. It may not be successful. I am typing this on my tablet... with some trepidation. I already have the feeling that it will be a tortuous exercise to post in this manner.

The purpose of the experiment is to test the viability of relying on the tablet for posting on my next trip. That trip is scheduled for April, I think (Faye has not informed me of the date yet), and I should be gone a few weeks, maybe 4.

Using this virtual keyboard is, at best, awkward.

On the other hand, it could be impossible. For some yet to be determined reason, the cursor jumps to an almost random spot on the first line while typing in "compose" mode. Annoying and frustrating. However, it seems to work fine in "HTML" mode. If I had a better handle on HTML, this would be a decent solution. Unfortunately, I am not proficient in HTML.

(switching to desktop machine because I am running out of time)

Now that I think about it... I am not proficient at anything but procrastination. I've got that down pat.

I can bring along my spare keyboard... What? You don't have a spare keyboard? and that should work adequately.

Blogger, in its silicon wisdom, has decided to mess with us once again. It has changed its "user" interface. It "asked" if I would like to "try" the new interface and I, in my infinite stupidity, clicked on "yes". Now I seem to be stuck with it. I suppose I eventually would have been anyway. New interfaces are like bad tasting medicine (is that redundant?)... take it quickly and move on.

Have a nice weekend and try to avoid a hangover.

1 comment:

David Verhagen said...

I know what procrastination is.  I think we must have gone to same college.