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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Political dissing

What do you think of political arrogance? It is not limited just to the party (or parties) you don't align with. It is rampant throughout society. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, and members of all of the other political parties of the US and the world engage in it. I suppose it is so rampant because it is part of human nature. And we are all capable of being arrogant... and we often are.

It just seems it's especially bad now, they tell me. It was really pretty bad all through our political history. In fact, I would suggest we have only had short periods of comity here and there, the norm being rancor. An example I like to refer to is the campaign against Andrew Jackson in 1828 (the campaign of 1824 was also quite interesting). But all politics in the US (and, I suspect, just about everywhere in the world where elections are held and even where they are not).

I define political arrogance as the willingness to find the faults of your opposition which you forgive (and sometimes admire) in your allies or fellow partisans.

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