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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The problem wih mandates

There's been a big fuss over the President's mandate for Catholic owned/run non-religious entities provide birth control coverage for their employees where they provide health care insurance. The fuss grew so noisy that the President backed off and offered a compromise that mandated the insurance companies provide the coverage instead of the Church.

This hasn't quieted the fuss down all that much. It is, after all, a political season (politics never seem to be out of season, though).

I have a problem with mandates. Especially ones by government. They are dictates, edicts, ukases (if we were czarist Russians). They are dangerous. They are also necessary at times. We like some and hate others, but all impose the will of government upon the people. This makes them dangerous, in my opinion.

To paraphrase the usual political "position" on abortion... I personally oppose mandates but recognize that they may be necessary at times. Therefore I want them safe, affordable, and rare.

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