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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Looking west

The above picture was taken with my Thrive tablet. An experiment to see if I could take a sunset picture with it and if I could upload such picture from the tablet to Blogger.

Obviously, it was successful.

What was not so successful was the inputting of text to go with the image. I had to go to my desktop machine to finish this post.
I need to work on that. I want to be able to write and publish a post with the tablet as easily, at least, as I could with my laptop.

The image was taken at approximately 5:50 PM facing west (more or less) across Lake Jackson here in Sebring. I was sitting in the car waiting for Faye to come out of the library and admiring the view when it came to me that I had a camera in the tablet and that I could take movies and still shots. So I got out of the car, walked to the end of the parking lot to the small access road that leads down to the lakeside and took the shot you see.

Sunsets are one of the many reasons we who live here enjoy it so much.

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Talkative Taurus said...

I was thinking of buying some kind of tablet for the same reason. I'd love to know when/if you figure out you can do it. Can you comment on other people's blogs with it? That would be fabulous, too.