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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dependecy is terrible

I hate my cable company.

It's weird how dependent I have become upon the internet.  I am not so dependent as to need a 24/7 connection personally. I don't have a smart phone with 3G or 4G, don't text, don't Tweet... hours and hours go by where I am unreachable and  unconnected. But when I want to get on the internet, when I am home and I want to look something up (like, say, the lyrics to "The Midnight Special") I want that internet to be right there waiting for me. And it usually is.

Lately, though, it hasn't been there. Which means I am almost completely cut off from the "hive". Not all day, just every freaking morning for the last 5 days. I wake up around 6 or 6:30 AM and the internet is not available. It would be a minor inconvenience if it was not for the fact that my phone service is piped through it. What if I needed to make an emergency phone call at 7 AM? I have to run out to my car and grab my cell phone and hope that the signal is strong enough (it often isn't) to make a call.

Fortunately, no emergencies have cropped up for some time. I have not fallen after getting up and landed on the dust gathering stair stepper near my bed. I have not had a heart attack (I understand you must actually have a heart to suffer an attack) nor has any other medical emergency occurred.

Still... it can be a concern.

So it has merely been an inconvenience. I cannot do my morning jigsaw puzzle or crossword puzzles before I go play golf. I must wait to peruse Google News. I cannot check my email. I cannot read other blogs. I must wait.

And I don't like it.


Torggil said...

Boomer, areoyu saying you have fallen victim to today's "instant gratification" culture?

Douglas4517 said...

 Not exactly... I don't Tweet, text, or whatever. But I have become dependent on technology. We all have. Imagine what it would be like to be transported back in time to say... the 1800's. We'd die.