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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Up, up, and awaaaay

 I don't know about you but they always told me human beings couldn't do this...


Sightings said...

Cool! You'd think your arms would get tired, though, wouldn't you?

Douglas4517 said...

 My arms got tired just watching the clip.

Torggil said...

that's messed up, but cool.

Sightings said...

Uh oh ... did you see this?  " Did the sight of a man apparently soaring through the air on bird-like wings fill you with a childlike sense of wonder? Well, we hate to tell you this, but it's a hoax. Gizmodo
suspected as much, so it asked the guys at Industrial Light and Magic
to take a look. The crappy video quality immediately raised the ILM
team's suspicions, as did the dodgy physics, and the surreal steadiness
of the supposed head camera. After obsessively poring over the video for
a while, they found some tell-tale proof . . ."

You can read more about it on newser or gizmodo. So, are you buyin' it, or not?

Douglas4517 said...

 Bummer, dude. I suspected something was amiss when he flapped his wings to take flight rather than be towed... still, I wanted to believe. Must have been my early in life exposure to Peter Pan.