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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Some time ago, I installed Feedjit on this site. I had been curious about where my readers come from and what they read. After all the time that has passed since installing it, I must admit I am still a little confused. What I learned is that images account for many of the "hits". That is, doing an image search on Google and then clicking on one of the images might link you to this blog.

But what is odd is that it does not always take you to the specific post but to a general area... such as a month's worth of posts. That doesn't seem to make sense to me. Aren't the posts separate? Shouldn't you go to the post which has the image rather than to an area? A Google mystery, to be sure.

But I find certain areas and posts are quite popular. "Boomer Musings: May 2009", for instance, and "Boomer Musings: Random Musings for May", along with "Boomer Musings: November 2009". 

When I click on these, I often find pictures of scantily clad women. Not nudes, mind you, just scantily clad. These are easy to figure out. Sometimes the image is one from a past era or out of mythology.

I, myself, have chased images from Google searches. And found myself in rather strange places doing so. Aside from the porn sites, some of these become places I return to on other occasions. I like to maintain the illusion that this happens here also. But I don't really believe it.

Am I invading anyone's privacy by tracking where people go on my blog site? I don't think so since I have no idea who is visiting, all I get is "A visitor from [insert some place] viewed [whatever]" and the number of hours or minutes ago that it happened.

This is not like my old BBS where I knew exactly who went where and how long they stayed.

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