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Monday, March 12, 2012

Just when I had this glimmer of hope...

Have you planned that Greatest Of All Parties yet? The one for December 20th of this year? No? Well, apparently there's no need.  The world may come to an end in November instead... right after the elections are over (depending on whom you support and who actually wins)... but not on December 21st, according to NASA. They are so sure it will be a non-event, they've even put out this video:

Don't blame me if you cannot see the above. Probably part of the Sinister Plot to keep us unprepared for the End of the World (or there's something wrong with your Flashplayer plug-in). Oddly, I do not understand the need for a sinister plot. Ask around, my bet is there are a significant number of people who have yet to find out about this (literally, it seems) earth-shattering event. Any Sinister Plot to keep us uninformed will likely backfire and spread awareness.  These Sinister Plots always backfire.

I admit I was a doubter. But then I found out Harold Camping  has announced he will cease predicting the Apocalypse... ostensibly because he has been wrong twice (three if you count his recent revision of the date last year). 

Obviously a diversion meant to distract us from the coming Doom.


Torggil said...

Harold camping has stopped predicting the end of the world?  Then it must be near!

Torggil said...

This is too good, Boomer.  I'm gonna hafta steal it and use it, too.  If I can get the blasted thing to work.