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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Chores I enjoy

I was going to reminisce about growing up and having to wear hand-me-downs until I was 11 but I changed my mind. It's not hard to do that. It is a small, inconsequential thing that just rattles about in my cranium anyway. And it's easily distracted by Bright Shiny Things and odd noises.

Instead, I want to explain one of the things I do for Jack, my brother-in-law. Jack is married to my least favorite, and only, sister. He's not a bad guy for a retired Army colonel who won't let anyone forget it and still barks orders like we are all his subordinates. In spite of that, and because I am a Nice Guy, I do him favors.

We both happen to like the real Oldies. Not simply the 50's Doo-Wop and such but the swing era and before. And Jack is less stingy than I so he buys CDs of this music. The thing is, he doesn't know anything about computers and he hates shuffling CDs around. When I showed him how many songs you can put on one CD if you convert them to MP3 format and he bought a car with a stereo that would play MP3 CDs, I became his source of music CDs. He buys the CDs, I rip them into MP3 format and burn CDs with lots and lots of songs on them. On occasion, he will buy a few blanks for me to fill. Otherwise, I just provide them.

This works out very well. I get more stuff added to my already extensive music library and he gets CDs to listen to in his car.

It's all probably illegal.

Some of the things he likes, I don't. He's a big fan of Matt Munro, for instance. An artist I think of as someone to fall asleep to if you are suffering from insomnia. And yet I like Perry Como... go figure.

I am not sure why I like the Big Band Era sounds and singers such as Sinatra, the Lamplighters, the Four Freshmen, etc. Every time I think about it I am reminded of the scene in The Jerk where Steve Martin first hears that form of Easy Listening music ("Crazy Rhythm", to be specific
) and his feet start moving on their own.

I grew up with it. My father loved it. It was the music of his youth and he controlled the record player in our house for most of my early years. I had forgotten about it until after first Disco and then RAP became popular.

I am, of course, an Old Fart.

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