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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Ashaninka

The other day, while perusing the news, I came across an article about the Ashaninka of South America. It's a bit lengthy but not too. There are wonderful pictures of members of this culture, full of the beauty of the region and these people. I urge you to read the article. [link]

While reading the article many thoughts came to mind. Thoughts about how the first people came to the Americas and how they have been displaced by newer immigrants. If you follow the evolution of human beings, you realize that probably only Africa is the continent where humans were indigenous. You might also realize, while sad, that the displacement of tribes and cultures is the way we, as a species, evolve.

But it still hurts the soul to see it happening.


pearlvz said...

You'd think we'd be beyond needing to displace people who could just as well be left alone.  But we're not, which hurts my soul as well.  We lose valuable information when we lose these cultures.  Did you know that the average human being can no longer see the planet Venus during the day, and yet for centuries people navigated by it?  It's still there, we just can't see it...


Douglas4517 said...

You can't see most of the stars I used to see at night either. When I lived in Long Beach, Ca. you couldn't see any stars unless it had rained heavily that day. Same with the mountains not far from the city. It is the overabundance of human beings that has done this. But the alternative is worse; it is disease (plagues) and famines and the wholesale slaughter of people whose lives were subject to the whims of the elite (royalty and tyrants). Instead, we keep people alive that would have died in infancy or childhood, we keep them alive longer and longer. We cure, or prevent, diseases that would have wiped out whole towns. The good and the bad exist side by side.

I can still see Venus, by the way, because I live in a small city (tiny really) far from a major city.