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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Travels with Douglas

I was out and about today ("off the leash" as Faye puts it) and saw a few things that tickled my fancy. I like my fancy tickled... it feels real good.

One of the things I saw was a marquee at a Taco Bell that said "Gift cards are available". That bothered me. Who would give a gift card for Taco Bell? If it's not the gift but the thought that counts, what would that thought be? It could be worse, I suppose, but Der Wienerschnitzel doesn't have a location in this area... or state.

I got my haircut today. I go to Leslie's Family Haircut Tropical Oasis. It's not exactly an oasis, just a building. She (Leslie, that is) is doing well even in this bad economy. People still have to get their hair cut, styled, dyed, permed, and/or whatever. And Leslie works her cute little butt off. She has two salons now, employs a good many people, and is economical. I only pay $8 (plus a $2 tip) for a "men's regular" haircut. Something we used to call a "trim." You can get a buzz cut for just $6 but I don't like crewcuts. Maybe next summer. This is why I love this town. Anywhere else I might pay $12 or more for a trim.

I skipped stopping by the "Tool Sale" tent. I'll get there one of these days. It's a place you can buy really crappy tools made poorly by slave labor in China for practically the loose change in your pocket. The stuff will hold up for one job, maybe two. I figure the price is more like rent. These tools are the kind even WalMart won't stock.

Still haven't bought my tablet computer yet. I figure to go for the Toshiba Thrive (sorry, Steven and Paul, I know you guys favor the iPad). Just waiting for a price break... which will happen 2 days after I give up waiting.

On the way home from getting my hair cut, I considered stopping into the local Kia dealer to check out a Sportage SUV. But my Buick was so quiet and smooth riding, I was past the dealership before I realized it. So... no new vehicle for me.


pearlvz said...

Holy crap, Douglas, I can't believe I can comment!

Now I kinda wish I'd read your post.


Happy new year.  May you avoid the Taco Bell gift card.


Steven Scott said...

I rarely use my iPad...I like my EeePad Transformer much better...but one thing you can say about the ipad that you can't say about any other tablet is that it can sit on standby for at least a month and still have a healthy charge...the android tablets just can't compete on that front.

Douglas4517 said...

`Tis true. The Android tablets have some catching up to do in that and a couple of other departments.