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Friday, December 2, 2011

You always remember your first, they say

In this case, my first "official" girlfriend...

This comic strip reminded me of my first girlfriend. Her name was also Opal (Opal Petry). A lovely young lady of 15 with big brown eyes and almost black hair. She was older than me (I was 14) but in the same grade. If I recall correctly, she lost a year in school because of some illness. Like many of you, I often wonder about old friends and, especially, old girlfriends and how their lives might have turned out. I truly wonder if they even remember me. Yeah, I am that insecure.

A few of my friends were headed for trouble. Not Opal. I think Opal was headed for good things. She was smart and pretty, which often made me wonder what she saw in me. I was shy around girls then, unsure of myself as teenage boys are likely to be at that age. Oh, we swaggered about and pretended to be Romeos but we could so easily be wrapped around some girl's little finger. I only kissed her once in the year or so that we were an "item" and that was at a party while playing a kissing game. I have never understood why. Something just prevented me from kissing her.

We had a strange relationship that mostly consisted of seeing each other at school and a few dances at Victory Park or the Unified Hall and long talks on the phone. We never formally dated. Never even saw a movie together. We broke up for good around the time I turned 15 and went our separate ways. Yet, 50 years later, she's still fresh in my mind.


Tony McGurk said...

She obviously made a good impression on you

Douglas4517 said...

That she did, Tony. But, then, all of the girls and women I have dated did. Burned into the brain, you might say.