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Friday, August 7, 2009

Cut Off!

I got home from golf today and settled in to my chair in front of the computer fully intending to whip out a clever (oh, so clever and witty) little blurb on the joys of being a retired boomer in a little town in Florida. Well, little did I know what my phone company had in store for me.

Yes, phone company. The ones who provide my DSL service, who give me access to the internet and all that pornography... wait, not that, I don't look at that stuff. Anyway, it seems that they have a problem with their backbone somewhere. Well, I can relate to that. In any case, I am cut off from the internet, from access to my blog, from all of you folks.

I feel so alone. So desolated. I can't even check on how badly my investments are doing. Well, that isn't all that depressing. I mean, they could be doing well. Yeah, I know, who am I kidding?

But I can't even read my email. How will I correspond with that nice young man in Nigeria who wants to give me all that money? How will I learn about the new magic pills that make limp things stand up and take notice (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)? Who will I be able to turn to for secrets to gaining wealth overnight (which I won't need when that nice young man in Nigeria comes through)?

How will I survive?

I know, I'll watch a little TV, listen to a little music, maybe even read a book.

I will survive.

Oh, wait... I'm back online... never mind.



Steven said...

I'd be using cell phone internet over bluetooth.

But that's a super-slow proposition now that my employer moved me to T-Mo from AT&T after racking up ~$3000 in charges....

Douglas said...

I have more life before the internet than I have after the public got access to it. I can easily return to that.